Autism Family Toolbox has been created for parents and family members who wish to deal with some of the behavioral challenges of raising children with autism spectrum disorder. It gives a choice of intervention strategies to deal with real-time issues like meltdowns or anxiety and provides practical help to deal with everyday challenges such as visiting the dentist or safety at home and in the community.

The reasons for challenging behavior in the child with autism spectrum disorder are wide ranging and frequently complex. It is also important to remember that the task is not always trying to eliminate challenging behavior but to redirect it into a more positive direction.

Autism Family Toolbox offers real help to parents every day regardless of location or whether access is from a computer or mobile device. It is a trusted resource which has been created by the same team responsible for the professional editions of the Behavior Toolboxes.

General help and advice is available in separate guidance pages covering ‘Things To Consider When Confronted With Challenging Behaviors’ which looks at some of the possible reasons behind the behavior, ‘Components Of Success’, to help determine actions which are more likely to work and ‘Looking After Yourself’ to ensure that parents well-being is considered.


Communication and problems understanding language

Communication and problems with language expression

Sensory issues and behavior

Social Skills

Specific behavioral and emotional challenges

Enhancing success at home

Enhancing success at school

Enhancing success in the community

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